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With Shaman Four Hawks (Ken M)

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PHOTO GALLERY (obviously under construction)

My photo of our shaman/yoga room
featuring the new addition: a "terge" tree,
or "gal golomt"...representing the shamanic
center of the universe, and used in sacred
rites and activities. (This is a compressed panorama,
so it looks very strange...this is a normal room. :)

A close-up of our new Terge Tree,
with the appropriately colored flags to
honor the 6 directions and the spirits who
watch over them.

My photo of a Hawk hovering over us
during a ceremony at Matha's Vineyard. This
Hawk flew back to us from a great Distance to
allow itself to be filmed. It hovered motionless overhead
for over a minute.

My daughter throwing a Mix of Salt, Sand and Rice,
specially empowered previously, to bless the gravesite
of a dear friend.

My hand-painted Shaman Drum, with my "S"-shape
Shaman Symbol in the upper right quadrant. The
yellow flame is the Drum Spirit, Syrrgha. The Four Directions
are honored, as is Mother Earth and the Great "Center".

A Cloud very similar to the one I saw the Day
I bought my Pipe. This "white feather" told me to pick
the Pipe with white feathers attached.

My Shaman Altar, with some of my Sacred Items on it.
Obviously, as Needs change, the Items on it change with it.

My Shaman Symbol, drawn in the Dirt for me by one of my
early Journey Spirit Helpers, carved by the master who made my Altar, embedded in the lower right corner. The "S" is actually one-half
of a figure-8, the dots within hinting at the Yin-Yang Symbol, and
the Arc on the top right symbolizing my Birth into the NE Quadrant
of the Medicine Wheel.

My Shaman Altar environment, with gifts from clients,
some of my Feathers, part of my large eagle Painting, etc.

My most powerful Mirror: anything asked on this WILL happen,
and so I use it with the greatest Caution. Who am I to alter
anything without the most solid spiritual Guidance.

The back thereof. The symbols stand for Love, Truth, Giving and Responsibility.
While the actual Chinese Meanings may be different, these Meanings
were given to me in a Visit with the Spirits, and so are my personal Marks.

The Fans I made of Grouse Wings for Spirit Cleansings, given by the Spirits
on my Route one day a few years ago,
when I found a just-killed Grouse a foot from the Path of my Vehicle.
Of prime significance: Grouse dances in a Circle and Drums the Air,
just like Shamans do.

Astonishing shot of Spirit Energy hovering over a family...
the woman passed away soon afterward. I have worked
with her Sister a lot since, who also owns the copyright to
this photo. I have visited the Earth Soul of this woman several
times on behalf of the Sister.

A Man unaware of three Spirit Faces staring at him. A dramatic example of Spirit Beings
showing up on Film.

How the human Aura appears when it is fully healthy.
Purple at the Top, Red at the Bottom, with no "dark energy"
Imprints embedded. This Display was created by the Sun
passing through a Feng Shui Crystal.

My first-ever photographic proof of the Spirits! This was shot
the day the Spirits left for the Bituun period between the Full Moon and
the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. In the left part of the picture,
one sees a small black and a large white Orb. Just left of the shed, one sees
a rainbow mist that when examined closely reveals several Spirit Beings..my main
Guide, Owl, another Owl near the Top, and a "little man" Spirit at the bottom.
I am still astonished that my Helpers actualy revealed themselves in this manner.

A close-up of the middle owl in the above picture. This
revelation of my main Helper in the "rainbow mist" next to
the shed was one of the most powerful moments of my Shamanic Walk.

Photos submitted by a dear Friend, Jill, who owns the copyright, showing clearly
a series of Spirit Orbs showing up in broad daylight. This was a surprise to me, for
until now I had felt one needed a flash to illuminate the Orbs.

One of my first Mirrors, bought from Mongolia, which
houses my main Journey Guide, Utawa. I wear this Mirror
for virtually all my Shaman Work (Journeys, Rituals, etc.)

A Picture of our Grandfather heading into the West.

A shot of Grandmother Moon, basking in Earth Shine, near Venus.

A shot of a key way the Water Spirits speak to us through Clouds
and Rainbows. Here we see a very rare "double" Halo. These often appear to
me when I have thought or done something extra spiritually significant. I
had just finished 5 Journeys the Morning these Hoops appeared in early Afternoon.

Occuring the same day as the shot above, an extremely rare second Hoop,
emanating from the sun and cross the rainbow hoop at 90 degrees. This was a
first for me and reflects the intensity of the Water Spirits' reactions to my work.

Crows are announcer Birds for me. They tell me through their Presence and
Behavior what to do, expect. etc. They often call my attention to other things
going on around me. In this case, this sacred number of 7 Crows appeared one
morning in the same tree where the Peace Eagles below would appear just a day or two later.

5 Turkey Vultures (Peace Eagles) sunning down the street one morning. Called "Peace Eagles" by the Cherokee since they do not kill
for food, they are one of my most profound Bird Messengers, often
appearing when I am doing good spiritual Work and/or Thinking.

The Ceremony I performed to welcome back the
Spirits seen in the Photo above two weeks later. Note the use
of Candles, 14 Sticks of incense.

The little Spruce Tree at my outdoor Prayer/Ritual Spot, mentioned in my
Calling Summary elsewhere on this site. It is decorated in Mongolian Style
with colored Prayer "Flags" to honor the 6 Directions. The "sacred mattress" also
depicted is not part of the Ritual area. :) It went out for pick-up later in the year.

This marvelous light Display at sunset appeared at about the
time I began expanding my Training past the limited and limiting Native American
public offerings. It is only in looking back now that I get the full Import of this
sign: that following the NA Path was inverse to my true Calling.

Every picture I have of my Belarussian grandmother (Baba) with me
shows her holding me with this intense pride, as if to almost say, "this is
the special one". Baba was very close to the Nature Path, and I'm sure her
homeland had hints of the Mongolian Shaman tradition imported by the Mongols.
More than any other shot, I feel this one shows this "annointing" via laying on of the hands.
I discovered these photos AFTER deciding that the Mogolian brand of Shamanism
was closest to my "homeland", and they rang so true: most teachers
recommend initiating Shamans discover the "brand" thereof
closest to their roots.

After leading an invading cat Spirit out of her Dog with Catnip, into an awaiting Mirror,
my Client did as instructed and placed the Mirror outdoors. When she looked at it
the next Morning, she was amazed to find this cat-like Imprint in the Frost. The Cat's
Head had already "melted", so it appears as black with a white eye (on the right side of the Picture). The rest of the body is in white.

All images Copyright 2008-2011 by Ken Mitchell unless otherwise noted.

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