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...because KNOWING is HEALING!"

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Your "one-stop" destination for shamanic journeys, soul retrieval and restoration, assistance in all facets of healing, past life illuminations, present life counseling, accessing deceased loved ones, tarot and I-ching readings/divinations, and more...

A good number of you, across the world and regardless of culture, have had some sort of "paranormal" event in your life that defies the rules of our reality. You may have seen a ghost. Or had a vivid visit from a deceased loved one. Or seen a large light portal which either did or did not emit strange creatures, but nonetheless was a ton of light where there should have been none. You may have suddenly smelled perfume of a deceased mother, or had light switches or ceiling fans or doors operate with no human intervention. You may have had a vivid dream in which other-worldly beings manipulated you...only to awake and find physical evidence thereof. You may have sensed an event before it happened. You may have felt "something" leave you under great stress, and you have never been the same since. You may feel you have been cursed, either with your knowledge or without. Finally, you may feel a connectedness to something much grander than your present Earth existence, but can't quite figure out why or what it is.

I, Shaman Four Hawks, am here to tell you that all of these events, feelings and/or intuitions, and others like it, are indeed VERY real. The Spirit World and our "reality" are seemingly separate, but the only wall between them is that created by our five senses and our belief structures. And often, the Spirit World pierces our wall and leaves us shaking our heads in disbelief. But know this: ALL THINGS COME FROM SPIRIT, which in turn is guided and maintained by the "Creator" Consciousness. The same consciousness that each of us has and share.

I have been training in, learning of, and experiencing the Spirit World for twelve continuous years. As with all specialists in shamanism, mine is a practice unique to myself, a blend of Mongolian, Peruvian, Celtic, and other shamanic disciplines, with a dash of other tried and true methods. I have journeyed to the Spirit World for myself and hundreds of clients over 1200 times, always with effective, amazing and sometimes unbelievable results. I continue these "trance" visits to this day.

Among my abilities are: discoveries and interventions in all types of illnesses (local and long distance), human and otherwise; visiting the deceased, again, human or otherwise; divinations; finding lost objects; discerning life paths; past life illuminations; journey training; life issues counselling; intention oils; and more! Please read more about the shamanic world view in the main section below. Contact info is there as well.


A new paragraph on consciousness has been added to the Intro Page. Here it is to save you the time of linking to it. :)

"CONSCIOUSNESS: At the very "center" of all things (energetic, material, mental, emotional, spiritual), thinking, and even "nothingness", lies Consciousness. My recent journey experiences have revealed that there is a Source "Flower" whose "petals" are made of some sort of colored plasma, at the center of which is what I call an "IS Loop" (as in, it is what it is). This central zone, if you will, is such that if you enter it, as I have, you loop right back to where you were. This "eternal circle" is pure love and the Source of all, including the many universes of which we are one, as well as the void these universes exist in (where true nothingless lies).

So the "Is Loop", pure conscious love, produces all that is outside itself. Here in our universe, we have an aspect of this "Love/Is" consciousness that I have named "Great Mother". Her face is female but only in outline, and her eyes are portals to the universes in our neck of the woods and of course beyond to the "Flower". Her face forms out of a white stream of consciouness that maintains our existence. So "God" is, after all, indeed female. :)

Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, etc.) has made great strides in teaching us that we have two aspects to ourselves: the thinking, mental self with both subconscious- and awake-mind traps and limitations...and the conscious self, the True Self, that one feels and experiences simply by shutting the thinking stream off. This shut-down can be done by concentrating on breathing, and then you realize that you have not been thinking during this period. Meditation is of course the formal practice of this...shamanic journeying is a deeper and quicker way. This conscious self is tied directly to the universal (Great Mother) conscious stream, and beyond that to the Source. So for example when Jesus teaches "the kingdom of heaven is within", he literally means it, in terms of our always-on connection to the Source. We separate humans, animals, trees, etc., truly are all one being at the level of deepest consciousness.

Which of course reveals the illusion of the 3D hologram we call reality. Yes, our world we hold so dear exists only in our brains, which have evolved to let in only select energies to produce in our heads what we can use to navigate the world. But when you close you eyes, it all goes away... With your eyes shut, all that lies around you is a very complex field of energy and spirit... Our lack of realization of this fact is what makes us so vulnerable to attack, and what makes the shaman, who can see into this field, so valuable.

*I do NOT charge for healing work. I do accept whatever love offerings clients wish to offer in return to honor the work of the spirits. I do, however, SUGGEST gifts for non-healing work, again to honor the spirits' works, to avoid the inner dialogue that would say, "If it costs nothing it is worth nothing", and finally to fund the eventual full-time nature of this work. See the clarified and re-named Gifting for Services page for details. I ALSO DISCUSS THIS ISSUE IN MY RECENT BLOG. Thanks!!!

Please check out a sampling of client feedback at our Client Feedback Section.

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Greetings, friend(s). A few words of introduction... Shamanic specialists know that many illnesses and conditions, while physical, emotional and/or mental in nature, and many eminently treatable (at least in terms of symptoms) with western medicines and practices, are ultimately spiritual in their source. For true freedom from the malady's SOURCE, spiritual healing must also take place.

We also know that this spiritual healing, while encouraged and even "turned on" through shamanic interventions, ultimately starts and comes to completion because of the belief in the process of the person needing healing!. Even when negative energies are removed by the shaman, the client still needs to go into self-healing for the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the intrusion. Shamans can and often do assist in this follow-on work. read more...

I have performed journeys and others types of work over 1200 times for people from around the world, with amazing results. I stand ready to help you.

CONFIDENTIALITY: My wife and best friend Jae will be helping me manage Shamanic Northeast from here on out, and I welcome her help and guidance with my entire being. I trust her implicitly and totally, and you may as well. Most correspondence will be going to and through her for processing. We will, however, never discuss client issues with anyone else in which we release any traceable information. We may from time to time publish the results of work with a client, on this or other sites for demonstration/teaching purposes, but these will be sanitized of all possible references to the client. Thanks!!!

here to read about a TYPICAL SESSION with Ken.

You may review Ken's Intro to Shamanism. Here you will find a rich treasure trove of information gleaned out of many sources and personal experiences over the past eleven years. It will help you understand better what and how Ken does, and why. :)

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